Business cooperation

We offer business cooperation in product distribution with tropocollagen. Before you contact us, please read the terms of cooperation, which are very important.

Application of the company / merchant

After completing the form you will be contacted to set user access wholesale

Terms of collaboration

  • Ensure year-round temperatures during storage at distribution - should not exceed the range of 5 to 28 degrees Celsius (particularly winter and summer)
  • Compliance boundaries lowest recommended MOC
  • Compliance with product descriptions that match the current legislation
  • All purchases are conducted on-line prostřednitcvím wholesale account, which will send you access details.
  • Goods ordered in the morning, it sent the same day as the package to Czech hand post. You pay by transfer or by cash on delivery.
  • Cooperation is suitable for the cosmetics, beauty and wellness salons, e-shops and stores with cosmetics

On-line sale

Exclusive distribution for CR and SK with 10% discount


Business cooperation 

Vhodné pro kosmetické salony, studia, wellnes zařízení, prodejce kosmetiky, kliniky plastické chirurgie, e-shopy